Information Systems

This section is designed to help you understand how organisations use information. You’ll also get an understanding of how to create information systems and learn about why they’re needed. Finally, you’ll learn how to produce useful management information.

Information systems and their output, when done right, result in competitive advantage and promote efficiency within an organisation. It’s important that staff become skilled manipulators and users of information to ensure that organisations achieve their goals and objectives.

Not all information is useful as it may be out of date or simply inaccurate therefore it’s important to understand how to select sources and decide on how much faith can be placed in┬áthem. In any organisation it is important that staff know the impact and potential impact (both positive and negative) on the use of information within said organisation. There are also several laws and regulations governing the use of information which all organisations must comply with.

We discuss all of the above and more in the following topics: