e-Commerce Overview

These posts on e-Commerce should provide you with an understanding of e-Commerce technologies and the impact of e-Commerce on society. You’ll learn about the potential risks of e-Commerce for both businesses and consumers and how to go about mitigating those risks whilst complying with laws and regulations. We also talk about e-Commerce strategies and how to go about planning, designing and integrating an e-Commerce strategy covering areas such as interface design, security and payment systems.

eCommerce has revolutionised many marketplaces and opened up opportunities that could never have been imagined just a couple of decades ago. Businesses that are not exploring the use of e-commerce are in danger of finding themselves being overtaken by those who are utilising this technology. E-commerce uses the internet to build and enhance relationships with customers, partners and other businesses. This can involve processing orders electronically, handling customer service and cooperating with business partners. E-commerce can be conducted using the internet, intranets, extranets, or a combination of these.

Different categories of e-commerce exist such as e-tailers (those operating only online) and financial services, and we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks for organisations of using e-commerce along with issues such as legislation and promotion i.e. How do you get your company to the top of search lists?

Security is a big issue in eCommerce as it can prove to be a financially costly problem for a business (through fraudulent transactions) but it can also damage customer confidence and the reputation of the business. Payment systems are also an integral part of eCommerce and we’ll look at what’s available and how they compare and contrast to one another.

There also also social implications to be considered. For example, the introduction of online shopping has changed our shopping habits and has benefited the housebound and those living in isolated rural areas, far away from shopping centers.