Overcoming security issues in e-Commerce

All e-commerce websites face the challenge of trying to prevent security issues from arising whilst also having procedures in place to deal with issues when they do arise. Cyber crime is constantly evolving and as the technology get more sophisticated, …Continue Reading →

Methods to promote an e-Commerce system

Promoting an e-Commerce website can involve a mixture of technical, analytical, creative and marketing skills. There are various paid and free methods of promoting a website ranging from traditional advertising such as flyers and billboard ads to social media to …Continue Reading →

How to plan an e-Commerce strategy

Every business needs to plan an e-Commerce strategy in advance of setting up online to make sure they’ve researched the benefits, drawbacks and overall impact of introducing an e-Commerce system to their organisation. Once they’re committed to the idea of …Continue Reading →

Regulations Governing e-Commerce

Every country has their own set of rules, laws and regulations which govern how eCommerce websites must operate. In the UK, there are three major acts and directives that eCommerce sites must comply with (Data Protection Act 1998, Distance Selling …Continue Reading →